The Beauty of Stockholm, Its People, and Its Lace

In honor of our recent release of the Regal Frills collection, a new collection of pieces inspired by the queen and princesses of Sweden, we’ve been inspired to share the beauty of the country itself! Late last May, Monika visited Stockholm, a gorgeous city of islands connected with bridges. There is water and light everywhere, flooding the streets and enhancing the city’s natural beauty. Late May/early June is the most beautiful time to travel there – the days are wonderfully long, and the sun hardly sets.
Monika visited her family of course, and did major vintage lace shopping at lovely, well-known antique store, ‘Old Touch’. Some pictures from the lace-filled trip are below! You can really see the beauty of Stockholm, its people, and its lace.
The storefront of ‘Old Touch’
Piles of beautiful, vintage handmade lace
Gorgeous finds!
You never know what hidden gems you’ll find in these drawers


The store owner + curator of all this lace
Her lovely assistant!