Think light summer dresses and frolicking in the grass! It’s all about color and natural stones. The pieces are delicate, dainty, and graceful, and come in 24k yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver and dark oxidized silver.

Winona white turquoise necklace
Winnie gold and white coral earrings
Theodora silver cocktail ring
Tessie silver bangle
Tamara silver headband
Signe sterling silver long earrings
Sibyl necklace close up on model
Serena wrap bracelet
Sena sterling silver ring
Roxie gold earrings with moonstone
Rosella gold drop earrings
Rosalee earrings with moonstone
Rhoda silver drop earrings
Rhea rose gold earrings
Reva gold stud earrings
Gilberte oxidized silver gunmetal earrings
Clementine rose gold earrings
Charlie rose gold chain bracelet
Cecilia rose gold necklace
Alma gold flower earrings
Alfreda gold headband
Adelle gold bangle bracelet
Adelaide necklace with pendant