We are featuring regular people who choose Monika Knutsson/Gilded Lace jewelry for special occasions, such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or just to celebrate life!

We love our clients and are filled with admiration for their style and attention to detail!

We hope you enjoy reading some of the beautiful stories that our clients share with us. Our first story is about Cara and Eric’s engagement. Cara is an Entertainment Publicist and Eric is a Physical Therapist in New York City. They live in Brooklyn, NY.Cara, how did you and Eric meet?

We met at a bar called The Park in Chelsea nine years ago. We were both with friends and hit it off.  Later in the night we moved to the dance floor – it was a very fun night! I still remember exactly what we were both wearing.

Where and how did Eric propose to you?

I am really bad at being surprised because I like to know every detail of everything, even if we are just going to walk around for an afternoon.  Eric knew that to catch me off guard he really needed to do something over the top and unsuspecting.  I flew down to Florida to visit my grandma one Saturday in November and my flight was hours delayed.  Little did I know Eric was at home panicking because he was planning to fly to Florida that afternoon as a surprise and didn’t want to run into me in the airport.

Once in Florida, my grandma and I planned to have brunch with Eric’s uncles at Tanzy in Mizner Park in Boca Raton. We sat down and, while looking at the menu, the waiter came over to tell me I had a flower delivery from our dog Brody. This was not weird to me because Brody was supposed to come to Florida and last minute I decided not to bring him. I thought Eric might have sent flowers on behalf of Brody as a “wish I was there” type thing.  I walked over to a private area in the restaurant that was full of big plants – and kind of looked like The Park—and Eric was standing there. I totally blacked out and started crying. I have no idea what he said and I didn’t even look at the ring and I just couldn’t stop hugging him. He hired a photographer to capture the whole thing.  Afterwards we joined everyone at the table for a champagne toast – my grandma was just as shocked!What do you see in each other?

Cara: Eric is so compassionate and kind.  He puts everyone else first and makes everyone he talks to feel so important.  He is super loyal and I know that he will be an amazing partner to grow old with.  We love to travel and experience New York together and always are on the same page when it comes to exploring – we both love to try great food, be outdoorsy and adventurous and experience culture together.  He is also a really good doggie daddy.  We are pretty opposite in a lot of ways but it balances out perfectly.

Eric: Cara is just the best!  She’s always willing to experiment and try new things.  She was near tears when I bought a motorcycle, but yet she even gave co-piloting a shot… all it took was some cute riding gear.  We love spending time together, yet we encourage each other to do our own thing.  I’m a creature of habit, and Cara pushes me to change it up – without her I’d still be living in a cave.  Her desire for constant improvement is impossible to ignore.  She’s caring, observant and dependable, I can rely on her to get things done and keep it fun – the perfect teammate.What was the best part of your engagement?

We had the same vision for our wedding. We wanted to have a big party where all of our friends and family could celebrate with us.  We loved trying the cake and the food, super delicious!Cara, why did you choose Monika Knutsson/Gilded Lace jewelry?

Jewelry is very important to me because it is a great way to express myself and add something to my dress, which is pretty simple. I love this collection because it is super unique and feels both bridal and modern – bonus is I will absolutely be able to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe after the wedding! And Beyoncé has worn it on tour so that’s amazing!Tell us about your engagement dress.

I chose it because of the lavender color and how it fits me. It is a two-piece Alexandra Grecco dress with a layered tulle skirt. Love it!Photos: