Monika and her team made a mid-arm lace cuff in dipped 24k gold for Carla from the cuffs in her grandmother’s wedding dress. We stamped the initials and the wedding dates of Carla and her husband Danny and her grandparents on the inside. The two special dates are laced together with ribbon, to keep the bond between Carla and her grandmother.

Carlas wedding cuff inside Detail

Here are Carla’s own words explaining why she chose to wear her grandmother’s lace on her wedding day.

“My decision to wear my grandmothers lace was simply because I was so close to her. She was my best friend, girlfriend, second mom, and a grandmother. She played many roles in my life. To have her pass away the year I was getting married was devastating. Although she couldn’t be there for the big day, the lace bracelet was a perfect piece that symbolizes the beautiful and lovely grandma I know. I wanted her to be a part of everything that day. To wear part of her wedding dress made it possible to have her there in spirit!

Before my grandmother passed, we would talk about the planning and organizing going into the wedding. One day my mom, grandmother, and I decided to pull out her wedding dress together from her closet. The three of us marveled at the wedding dress, which was still in perfect condition with these beautiful lace cuffs. I asked my grandma if I could use a piece of her dress for my wedding. The next weekend my grandmother and mom cut the lace cuffs off the dress. A few weeks later, she passed away from multiple myeloma cancer. She finally lost the battle. My mom handed me the lace cuffs as a special gift from my grandma.

I was thinking about how I cold use the lace cuff with my wedding dress. I thought it would be a really cool bracelet; that way it will also be a memento I can pass down to my daughter.  I researched people on-line who do metal dipping and that’s when I came across Gilded Lace. I immediately emailed Gilded Lace. I connected with Monika, gave her my background story, and shipped the lace to NYC. Monika realized how much this lace meant to me. She worked very closely with me to create and design the perfect lace bracelet to be dipped in 24K gold. What a great remembrance to my grandma!

My grandmother was very loving to her family and friends. She had the most gentle smile with the warmest blue eyes. On her wedding day, she wore a navy blue dress that emphasized her eyes that my grandfather and everyone loved. To wear a navy blue dress at that time and era was unheard of. She had all the qualities of a grandma: nurturing, active in her grandkids lives, and spoiling us with love. However, the relationship I had with her was something very different. It’s hard to put into words what she represented to me and how much she was an influence in my life. We all have that one person who impacts our life making you who you are today. Well for me, that was my grandma.”

Thank You,

Carla Horst

Carla Wedding

All of Carla’s wedding photos are copyrighted to Michael Barnholdt Photography