We were first contacted by Hayley, a bridesmaid in her friend Brittany’s wedding. Brittany’s mother had hinted to Hayley that she would love for Brittany to wear her wedding dress from 1977. Although her mother’s wedding dress was beautiful, it was not really what Brittany had in mind.

Brittany and Hayley came to our studio with Brittany’s mother’s wedding dress. It was trimmed with beautiful lace. After removing certain pieces of the dress, we made a cuff bracelet, earrings, and a necklace dipped in 24k gold. Both mother and daughter were thrilled! Hayley and her family ended up giving Brittany part of the jewelry as a gift.

Brittany with earrings

On her wedding day, Brittany wore the earrings and the cuff bracelet; the necklace she saved for later. She has worn the jewelry many times since her wedding day and often receives compliments. When approached, she tells the story behind the jewelry.

Necklace from 1975 wedding dress