Megan’s Wedding Jewelry

For Megan, we designed and made an heirloom silver wedding cuff and two silver bangles. The lace and covered buttons were from her grandmother’s wedding dress (1945). Please click here to read more.

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Carla’s Wedding Cuff

To honor her beloved grandmother, who passed away before the wedding, Carla had custom wedding jewelry made from her grandmother’s wedding dress lace. Please click here to read more about the beautiful story about Carla and her grandmother. Carla

Rachel & Kyle

Rachel dreamed of custom made wedding jewelry using her own wedding dress lace. We made a beautiful wedding bangle and wedding cufflinks out of tulle of her wedding dress, only using a sample from the fitting.

Rachel & Kyle

Brittany’s Wedding

For Brittany we made wedding jewelry from the lace trim of her mother’s wedding dress from 1977. Please click here to read more about Brittany’s Wedding.Brittany

Fran’s Grandmother’s Lace

The custom jewelry is made from Fran’s grandmother’s old wedding dress lace from 1904. Please click here to find out more about Fran and her grandmother’s wedding Dress. Fran's Grandmother

Beth & Annie’s Lace

For their anniversaries, Beth and Annie repurposed their wedding dresses and had custom jewelry made.Beth Annie Anniversary

Jill’s Story

We designed custom heirloom jewelry for Jill using a piece of lace from her own and from her mother’s wedding dress. Please click here to read Jill’s moving story.Jill's Story