This principal collection was the beginning of it all and the first of many. It includes some of the strongest and most elegant pieces from Gilded Lace. The designer often goes back and uses this collection as the source of inspiration for new jewelry.

Lillian silver eyelet lace necklace closeup
r18 VERONA rose gold
r16 NOLA gold front
r15 IDA gold Front
r8 NAOMI gold 1
r6 ISABELLE gold
r5 CORA gold model
n20 LOIS silver
Tallulah necklace silver on model
Lucienne wrap bracelet
wb1 LUCETTE gold
Phyllis gold cuff bracelet
cbr78 DONNA rose gold front
TRESSIE ring gold front
Clementine rose gold earrings
Mollie gold necklace
Martha gold necklace
Marie gold Necklace
Felicia silver necklace
Bobbie Gold Necklace
Cleo gold necklace
Colette Silver Necklace
Vera brooch pendant necklace
Hattie eyelet lace sterling silver cuff model photo 2
Yvonne gold cuff bracelet
Paulette silver cuff
Margaret Rose gold cuff
Louise gold cuff
Jeanne gold cuff
Ivy gold cuff
Irene gold cuff
Gabrielle gold cuff
Fanny cuff gold front
Eloise silver lace detail cuff bracelet front view
Ella Hugh gold cuff
Elizabeth cuff silver
Elise cuff silver
Charlotte cuff gold
Blossom cuff silver
Alberta cuff in gold
Alanis cuff in gold
Theda gold lace earrings model photo
Dottie earring in gold
Flora Earrings silver
Ethel Earring in Gold
e1 Edythe gold