In the 1890s, Mary Kingsley traveled to West Africa as one of the first woman explorers, wearing beautiful lace dresses on her expeditions. While at the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue and 42nd street, Monika stumbled upon amazing photos of jewelry designs from West Africa, and this collection took off.


Zula gold statement ring
Verna gold statement ring
Tina gold statement ring
Tilda gold statement ring
e20 Rosemary gold earrings
Renee gold pendant necklace
Regina gold statement ring
Ora gold statement necklace
Ophelia gold collar necklace eyelet model closeup
Olga silver statement necklace
Maureen silver lace leaf earrings model photo
Mattie gold cuff bracelet
Matilde silver cuff bracelet
Laura gold ring
Kaye silver necklace
Izora gold hoop earrings
Izetta gold necklace
Frieda silver hair piece
Cherry flower pendant silver necklace model photo 1
Camille gold earrings
Amanda silver bangle